Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CoSpaces-Augmented Reality and Collaborative Environments

Wow! Have a look at this organization. The 'CoSpaces' group describes themselves as striving toward, "innovative collaborative workspaces for individuals and project teams within distributed virtual manufacturing enterprises." No kidding. As you can see in the introductory video at the top of their site... they mean business.

I was working on something similar in my own proposals (which I will present in an upcoming post) but it seems this group is well on top of it. The application toward the architectural and construction industries is clear. One of the lead innovators of this group is Holger Schnadelbach who's work I will be reviewing over the next couple weeks. He has most recently been working out of the Mixed Reality Laboratory located within the University of Nottingham.

It is not difficult to see the benefit here of reconstructing exact virtual replications of our RL structures. While this may not represent the full potential of transTopographical representation, it certainly has its practical uses. For example, municipalities currently require land surveys and blueprints of our built environment for reference in matters of safety and security, fire protection, zoning, etc. One can imagine the eventual requirement of 3D digital models as augmented reality technologies become more prevalent in the business sector, search and rescue, security, and construction industries.