Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TransTopography New York City- CSI in Second Life

Hello all. I saw this little blurb on the Gateway homepage recently. Looks interesting but I haven't seen the episode yet. Anyone who gets a chance to check this out please report back..

Wednesday, October 24 10-11PM CBS, TV-14-VINSIDE LOOK CSI: NY It starts with a dead woman dressed like an avatar - but where it goes from there is really odd, says CSI: NY executive producer Anthony E. Zuiker. The show moves into the virtual world Second Life, where ''we're going to re-create New York City,'' says Zuiker, who's also setting up other crimes viewers can solve online. Tonight's avatar-murder case will continue on the Web through February, then jump back to TV just in time for sweeps - not that the tech-unsavvy will miss anything. ''If you don't have a computer you're not behind,'' promises Zuiker. ''We refuse to punish the viewer for not logging into Second Life.'' Unless, that is, you look like an avatar.